The Claytech Inox240A stainless steel multistage pump is a heavy duty water pump which is perfectly suited for the harsh Australian environment.

Due to the water pumps careful design and manufacturing detail it performs well to high pressures making them especially good for wash down applications as well as for water transfer.


The Claytech Inox 240A water pump has a stainless steel outer housing as well as noryl impellers and diffusers, reinforced plastic end covers, with stainless steel inserts in the suction and discharge housings of the pump. Because of the multi-impeller design the pump operates with less noise than other models.

Multistage Pump Specifications

Power Absorption: 1000 (w)
Max Head: 48 (m)
Max Flow Rate: 100 (L/MIN)
Inlet Size: 1 (inch)
Outlet Size: 1 (inch)
Weight: 12.0 KG


  • Claytech Inox240 Stainless Steel Body Auto Multistage Pump

Delivery Area

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Queensland

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty / Italian Made

Price: $743.00 use discount code CIP240A and call 1300 885547 to get our Best Online Price.

With quality and reliability a strong focus, these Italian made water pumps have found a ready market here in Australia. Back-up services and knowledge have made these pumps a preferred choice both around the home and for farms.

*Will suit a medium to large size house.

The Claytech Inox240A stainless steel water pump has been tested to Australian Standards 60335 2.41 and has Approval No, Q070602 for more information Contact Us.


  1. hi Would appreciate your best online price for a 240A pump including delivery to PC 4562, QLD.
    Thanks, Warren

    • Hi Warren
      Thanks for your enquiry regarding the Claytech Inox 240 multistage pumps.
      I will forward you our best price via email.
      Please be aware that the Claytech range of rainwater tank pumps come with a 2 year warranty and are Italian Made.
      The Inox 240 is a quality multi stage pump giving a very high flow rate with minimal noise output.

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