3400 litre Slimline Linkable Rainwater Tank

3400 Litre Slimline Linkable Water Tank

Moores Rainwater Tanks 3400 Litre link-able has been manufactured in one piece from Virgin U.V. they are a very good choice for water storage around the home as they can also be interlinked to maximise water collection. The tank is made from stabilised Food Grade polyethylene tank which complies with Australian Standards.


Discontinued 480mm 2000 Litre ThinTank

Thintanks has developed a new range of Slim Rainwater Tanks specifically for installation in residential properties where space is limited. This is an excellent space-saving solution, with this slimline water tank you can install to a fence or house with minimal space impact.


PWS-1400 Poly Water Tank Slimline / 1400 Litres

Dimensions – Height: 2230mm, Length: 1300mm, Wide: 650mm

Unique ‘Smooth Wall’ design with no vertical parting lines – No weak wall pressure points. Made from the best materials, UV stabilised virgin food grade polyethyelene with no taste or smell – drink water compatible. Certified to Australian Standards (AS2070).