Most new homes to be built in Australia, or homes with major renovations, are now required to have a rainwater storage system installed.

The Need For A Space Saving Slimline Rainwater Tank

With the smaller home size blocks now being sold in Australia, we saw the need for a more aesthetically pleasing slimline water tank to be designed.

After researching the various slimline rainwater tanks on the Australian market, we came to the conclusion that a slimmer, thinner tank was required for the market, and the obvious solution was to design a water tank that looked similar to a fence.

This is what led to the first 1000 litre ThinTank, with dimensions of 2400mm (L) x 260mm(W) and 1850mm (H). The height of the tank was intentionally designed to be 1850mm which is the standard size of a backyard fence.

We then sought to make the width/depth of the tank as slim, or thin as was possible. This was not an easy feat as when designing a slimline tank, water always wants to bellow out in the middle of the tank.

This has been a major obstacle for the design engineers of slimline rainwater tanks for some time. It was the patented cross connectors, which are an integral part of the water tanks design, that allowed us to make the ThinTank so thin, yet keep its structure without any movement or expansion of the tank.

This inventive and inspiration design was materialized by a qualified civil engineer with over 50 years experience in both the manufacture/design of plastics and water treatment.

slimline rainwater tank

Water Storage Range

The 1000 litre was released in May of 2009 and its success within the Australian market quickly led to a further release of the 2000 litre in September 2010. As part of the continuing expansion in the ThinTanks range the 3000 litre model was released in October of 2012.

With the three sizes now available throughout Australia market, we believe this water storage unit has now successfully met the residential water requirements of most new homes.

This range of rainwater storage tanks has been designed by a professional engineer in accordance with all AS/ANZ Standards and the designs confirmed with FEA testing.

Since 2009 we have found that the ThinTank range of water tanks have become the choice of Architects, Engineers, Builders and Plumbers across Australia.

fence like rainwater tank

Their sleek slim and attractive appearance, together with the functionality of being able to be used as a modular water storage system, ie – create a fence or barrier, has assisted homeowners in meeting their BASIX/Council requirements without compromising large amounts of space.

3000 litre thintank on fence

The design of the ThinTank has allowed builders to place the tanks in locations that would otherwise not be suitable for a storage tank, leaving free valuable outside living space for their customers.

slimline rainwater tanks