Tank Code: ETS2000

The ETS2000 tall poly slimline tank is a great option when there is limited length available for the tank.

This water storage unit is shorter than the standard 2000 litre slimline and is perfect where height is not an issue.

It is made from 100% food grade polyethylene material.

This tank comes complete with an inlet with mesh strainer, brass threaded outlets, overflow fitting and a quality ball valve.

Certified to Australia Standards AS/NZS 4766:2006

Tank Capacity

  • 2000 Litres


Length: 2000mm
Depth: 620mm
Height: 2170mm

Tank Colours

White, Off White, Beige, Merino Beige, Bronze Olive, Heritage Green, Rivergum, Mist Green, Smooth Cream, Tank Wheat, Pale Terracotta, Heritage Red, Bluestone, Stormedge Blue, Torris Blue, Birch Grey, Gull Grey, Slate Grey, Black, Clay Brown.

tank colour chart

Tank Fittings

  • Inlet Leaf Strainer
  • Brass Threaded Outlets
  • Overflow Fitting (provided)
  • Ball Valve


20 Year Repair / Replace


  • NSW


$990.00 incl. GST

During your call to 1300 885 547 or online enquiry, please use discount code ETS2000 to get our lowest price.

Please contact us for any further information you may require on our 2000 litre tall poly slimline tank.

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    • Dear John

      Thank you for your enquiry regarding Rainwater Harvesting / Storage Systems on our website.

      The Enviro ES2000 is manufactured in South Windsor of Sydney and the cost ex factory is currently $785 incl gst. plus $85 delivery Sydney Metro.

      If you live in another state please be sure to email me your location together with your rainwater pump requirements.



  1. Hi

    We are looking at putting two tanks in at the start of a new fence between our neighbour and us. We would like to know what sort of floor do the tanks need to stand on and is it possible for one tank to be put so the neighbour can fill one and we can fill one. Do you install them or do we have to organise this and how much approximately would it cost for two tanks and installation.



    • Dear Lynne

      Thank you for your website enquiry regarding rain water storage tanks through Tight Spot Tanks.

      The most important part of any Rainwater Tank installation is the Base for the tank.

      Your enquiry was for the Enviro ES2000 litre slimline water tank. When this tank is full it will weigh over 2 tonne.

      This is why the Base is so important in a Rainwater Tank installation.

      The Base for all tanks must be flat and solid allowing the entire base of the tank to be supported. Any gaps under the tank where it is not supported may lead to tank failure.

      The Rainwater Tank warranty is also subject to it been installed with the correct Base.

      The best Base for Rainwater Tanks would be to prepare and lay a Re Inforced concrete base. If laying this type of base, ensure that it is a minimum of 100-120mm thick and that you make the base at least 100mm longer on either end and a minimum of 60-80mm wider than the tank. This is to allow the weight of the tank to be dissipated by the larger base or slab, and to prevent the edges of the slab crumbling over time.

      If you Tank is been installed on a site which is flat and has soil or grass existing, a Timber Frame may be formed up and filled with either crusher dust , river sand or fine blue metal. This should then be compacted and made flat. This type of base is only suitable on flat sites and is not suitable on sloping sites as over time the fill within the timber frame may be washed away and the tank undermined.

      You will need to check with your local council on their requirements with regards to Rainwater Tank installations to ascertain as to wether you and your neighbour can install the water tanks using this design. Different councils have different requirements and regulations.

      If you forward me your location in Australia I will email/phone you with details of an installer to give you a quotation.


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