James has years of experience in the water saving industry and is very aware of the growing need for efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for saving and reusing water.

Water Tanks FAQ

This section our site is for those that want to ask questions that are not related to any of our current rainwater tanks. This is where any questions that don’t fit will be placed and answered in relation to any of our rainwater tanks and additional water saving accessories that you may need when purchasing…

What Size Water Tank Should I Buy?

This is one of the more frequently asked questions on our FAQ Page. There is quite a few factors that determine my answer to this. Is the tank to feed water to the home for toilets, washing machines? How many garden taps are to be connected? Will the garden taps be feeding an irrigation system?…

How To Maintain A Healthy Rainwater Storage Tank

Rainwater tanks are a great source of alternative water supply for your home and can be an invaluable asset during an emergency such as a bushfire or natural disaster.Keeping your water storage tank healthy and free from sludge, mosquitoes etc is very important and to successfully do this a regular maintenance program should be adhered to.

Eco Water Jet Pump

Leader Eco-Water Jet Pump

The Leader Eco Water Jet Pump is suitable for supplying up to 3 tap outlets @ 100kpa. Leader Eco-Water Jet Pump. This pump is in our budget range of rainwater tank pumps and we recommend it when a simple garden installation is required. This is where the tank is to supply one or two garden taps only and high pressure is not really required.

Thintanks Water Tank Manufacturing Process

We can now see both the 1000 litre ThinTank and the 3000 litre ThinTanks™ mould been been prepared to be placed into the oven which is in operation nearly 24 hours a day. Once the ThinTank mould is in the oven the mould is then rotated using the large arm and it is the heat of the oven that liquify’s the polyethylene powder, which begins to line the inside of the mould.

Why Choose A Steel Rainwater Tank

The strength of steel itself, gives a steel rainwater tank some major benefits over rain water tanks built with alternative materials. Steel slimline tanks do not stretch or bulge when full. The strength of steel ensures that the custom made steel slimline rainwater tanks can easily hold the large forces generated by tonnes of water. All of the Tankworks range of water tanks have engineer certification.

Should I Choose a Steel or Poly Rainwater Tank?

The difference between a Round poly tank and a Round Steel tank is less than the difference between the slimline designs. The steel slimline tanks are quite a bit more expensive than the standard poly slimline tanks.The higher end Poly ThinTank™ is in the middle of the less expensive standard poly tanks and the custom made steel slimline tanks.

Choose A Garden Pump Package

The Bluetron 101 is a very good performer, and is more suited for smaller homes, water transfer and sprinkler applications. For homes in the medium category, the Bluetron 121 delivers great pressure with plenty of flow. Step One – Choose Your Preferred Water Pump 1. Bluetron 101a Pump with Automatic Controller Flow Rate: 50 Litres…