300 litre slim header tank

Tank Code:  AQS-300

The 300 Litre Header Water Tank System is a unique and versatile rainwater collection tank that can be used on its own where space is limited or as a contributing aid to filling other tanks by utilising more down pipes.

Also a great alternative to those that need a good supply of water for such things as fish tanks. Along with the Diverter, this tank is great for topping up your pool.

It has an incorporated overflow, allowing it to sit straight over the down pipe, eliminating any visible overflow plumbing.

Tank Features

  • Can Be Situated Over Down Pipe
  • No Unsightly PVC Piping
  • Ability To Collect Rainwater Water From Your Entire Roof
  • Header Tank Can Be Placed On Any Level
  • Water Storage Tanks Can Be Placed Either Upright Or In A Horizontal Position
  • This Water Harvesting System Fills And Empties Equally

Its tidy design provides 300 Litre water capacity. With the right choice of colour, your header tank will become a design feature, rather than an addition to your home.

300 litre slim header tank system

Tank Dimensions

Width 460mm
Depth 400mm
Height 1700mm

Tanks Capacity

  • 300 Litres

Tank Colours

Beige, Merino Beige, Heritage Green, Heritage Red, Mist Green, Wheat, Slate Grey, Smooth Cream

aquarius colours

Tank Fittings

  • Overflow
  • Threaded Outlet
  • Leaf Strainer Inlet


  • 10 Year Repair Or Replace Guarantee

Delivery Area

  • Sydney

Price: $535.00

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  1. Hi, I live in West Australia – near Albany on the South Coast – Do you deliver tanks, and if so, what is the cost, please? I am interested in your 300 lt header tank. Our existing tank has rusted out. We would use it to collect rainwater from the roof, on it’s way to large concrete storage tanks.
    Yours faithfully,
    Carolyn Stan-Bishop

    • Dear Caroylyn
      Thanks for your enquiry regarding the Aquarius header water tank.
      Unfortunately the tanks are manufactured in Sydney, NSW and we do not deliver to Western Australia.
      My sincere apologies that i cannot assist you on this occasion.
      Heather Clarke
      Tight Spot Tanks Australia Pty Ltd

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