2000 Litre Rainwater Storage Header Tank

Tank Code: AQS-2000

This 2000 Litre Poly Slimline tank is another popular style of rain water storage tank being purchased by many home owners throughout Australia, Slimline tanks are great with their modern design being paramount to their strength.

The poly water storage tank is made from stable (UV20) polyethylene which is a food grade UV .

When it comes to any domestic water tanks that you wish to use around your home or workplace this water tank is only limited by the area you have available to collect water.

Another reason that these water harvesting tanks have become very popular throughout Australia is that they don’t have to be placed next to each other, they even have the ability to go around corners, making them extremely versatile and backyard friendly.

Tank Features

  • Low height makes these tanks ideal for underdeck applications
  • Matrix construction allows support post mid span
  • The Collection Of Rainwater Water From Your Entire Roof
  • Interlink tanks to increase storage capacity
  • Rain Water Storage Tanks Can Be Positioned In Either A Upright Position Or A Horizontal Position

The add to the landscape of your outdoor area you can screen them off from view using poly lattice.



Length: 2050mm
Depth: 620mm
Height: 2020mm


Aquarius Slimline Rainwater Tank











Water Tank Capacity

  • 2000 Litres


  • Overflow
  • Threaded Outlet
  • Leaf Strainer Inlet

Available Colours

Beige, Merino Beige, Heritage Green, Heritage Red, Mist Green, Wheat.

slimline water tank colour chart

(Additional Colours May Be Available On Request, Different Computer Monitors may change the actual colour shade, please use as a guide only. )



10 Year Repair / Replace

Delivery Area

  • Sydney

Price: $1030.00

Please use DISCOUNT CODE: AQS-2000 and call 1300 885547 to get our Best Online Price.

Please contact us for any further information you may require on our Poly Slimline Tanks 2000 Litre, don’t forget to ask for our free quote… Contact Us. You may also want to have a look at our Linkable Style of Water Tank.


    • Hi Bob
      This is not an easy question to answer without knowing how the patio was made. I am assuming it in on the ground and not suspended?
      If it is an old slab and does NOT have many cracks in it then this should be a sign it was made well with steel reinforcement, and it may be okay.
      Keep in mid for rainwater tanks the slab they are to be placed on needs to be flat without any spaces or cracks as the tank needs to have its base supported in its total area.
      You may want to view an article in our FAQ section re Making a Base for a Water Tank.
      You can view it by clicking on the link below:


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