5000 Litre Slim water tank

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This 5000 Litre Poly Slimline Water Tank has a unique dome design using only one piece construction and no internal supports being needed. The water tank is 100% UV stabilized for our tough Australian conditions with 100% food grade material.

The ES-5000 poly slimline rainwater tank comes complete with brass outlet and ball valve, stainless steel meshed strainer and stainless steel meshed overflow.

All tanks being distributed from Tight Spot Tanks meet all the requirements of the Australian Standards No 4766/2002 and is 100% Australian owned company.

This water tank undergo a thorough testing program to ensure that they can withstand high pressure well above industry standards.

Water Storage Capacity

  • 5000 Litres

Tank Dimensions

Length: 3220mm
Depth: 960mm
Inlet Height: 2220mm


5000 litre Slimline rainwater tank









Tank Colours

White (Surf Mist), Merino (Paperbark), Beige, Earthtone (Bushland), Autumn Brown, Bronze Olive, Aubergine(Loft), Heritage Green (Cottage Green), Rivergum (Wilderness), Mist Green (Pale Eucalypt), Smooth Cream (Classic Cream), Wheat, Desert Haze (Sandbank), Heritage Red (Manor Red), Mountain Blue (Deep Ocean), Stormedge Blue (Blue Ridge), Torris Blue, Birch Grey (Dune), Light Grey, Slate Grey (Woodland Grey), Tank Charcoal (Monument), Metal Grey (Ironstone) , Black (Night Sky)

tank colour chart

Tank Fittings

  • Strainer
  • Overflow and Ball Valve


20 Year Repair / Replace

Delivery Area

  • NSW


$1771.00 incl. GST

During your call to 1300 885 547 or online enquiry, please use discount code ES5000 to get our lowest price.

For more information on our 5000 Litre Poly Slimline Rainwater Tank please feel free to Contact Us


    • Hi Wayne,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Please refer to your inbox where I have sent you reply.

      Kind Regards,

  1. Hi, Can you quote the weight of this tank please and is it possible for it to be manually carried a short distance to the intended tight spot?

    • Hi Lorna,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      The weight of this tank is 175kg.

      For further information, please refer to your email.

      Kind Regards,

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Please note, the largest poly slimline tank is 5000 litres.

      Please refer to your email where I have sent you a quote for 2 x 7000 litre custom made steel tanks.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Hello,
    Can you please give me your best price on the 5000 Litre Enviro Poly Slimline Water Tank, delivery to Mooney Mooney 2083. Will this tank bow when full? How much room either side of tank do I need to leave?
    Many thanks,

    • Dear Jakki

      The best price on a ES5000 litre tank is $1425 incl get with a $100 delivery fee to Monney Mooney.
      The tank will not Bow when it is full.
      You can call me to discuss how big the slab will need to be.
      0401 255959

    • Dear Pete

      Thanks for your enquiry on the ES5000 slimline tank.

      Can you please advise your location in Australia so as I can forward you a quotation via email.



  3. Dear Zoran

    I will be sure to email you a quotation for a 5000 litre slimline.

    Can you advise what type of rainwater pump you require?
    ie – Is it for garden use only or is the water tank to be connected to the house, toilets and washing machine?

    Look forward to your reply.



  4. According to the basix for my new house, i need min 5100 litre tank. Can you deliver to Nowra, NSW and please quote including the delivery.

  5. hi
    could you recomend a pump that i would need to service 2 toilets upstairs, one toilet down stairs and for the laundry tap that feeds the washing machine? this is for a 5000 liter rain water tank

    • Dear Jonathan
      We have a number of pumps that we use for a storey situate like this. The Onga Dominator with Waterswitch code DW7556fl or the Claytech CMS-5a with Aquasaver could both do the job on your 5000L rainwater tank.
      Regards Sam

    • Dear Leeann

      Thanks for your enquiry regarding the Enviro ES5000 slimline rainwater tank.

      This 5000 litre water storage tank is manufactured in Sydney and we are unable to ship to Alice Springs due to the cost involved.

      My apologies for not been able to assist you in the purchase of a rainwater tank.



  6. Hi. Can you please email me the price of a 5,000L slimline tank delivered to Croydon VIC (3136).

    • Dear Julie
      Our current price for the ES5000 litre slimline rainwater tank is $1479
      For our best price please call us on our 1300 number.

  7. Could you please forward pricing for all types of slim 5000L tanks that can be delivered to ACT. It would be appreciated if the quote could be itemised to contain the delivery, installation and possibly other equipment such as pump and similar. Thanks, Renata

    • Hi Renata
      Thanks for your enquiry on the 5000 litre Enviro Slimline Tank.
      I have emailed you pricing for the tank with delivery to ACT, together with pricing for the relevant pump packages.

  8. Hi,
    Please provide your quote for 5 x ES5000L water tanks to be delivered to Newtown, Sydney. As we have a specific project, please also advise of additional materials &/or services you have towards installation. Thank you

    • HI Vivian
      Thank you for your enquiry re the ES5000 litre Poly Rainwater Tank. I have emailed a quotation to your for the pricing of the x5 ES5000 that you have requested.
      In addition to the tanks we do have various pump packages including filters etc, which can be used on “Tank to House” connections and Garden/ Irrigation Systems.
      Once you receive the quotation via email if you send me through the purpose of the tanks I will forward you further pricing.
      Troy Johnson

    • Dear Mathew
      Thank you for your enquiry regarding Rainwater Tanks.

      At this stage we can only sell the ThinTanks range of water tanks in Perth, WA.



    • Dear Trish

      You can join two 5000 litre slimline tanks together by linking the outlets and possibly the overflows as well.

      It is best that the tanks are installed at the same level or on the same base to maximise the capacity of the tanks.

      I trust this information helps you.



  9. Hi there,
    I am after 2 x slimline 5000lt tanks – what is your best price for delivery in Brisbane QLD?

    • Dear Karen
      Thank you for your enquiry through our website. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver the Enviro Slimline Water tanks to Brisbane, although we can quote and deliver the Nylex Citysaver 5000 litre poly slimline rainwater tanks.
      The Nylex City Saver tank has the following dimensions:
      3180mm x 1080mm x 2059mm (H-Inlet)
      Please email me on sales@tightspottanks.com.au and I will forward you our best price for the tank.

    • Hi Luke
      Thank you for your enquiry on the Enviro 5000 litre slimline rainwater tank. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver Enviro tanks to Queensland, although we can price a Nylex 5000 litre CitySaver slimline tank.
      Please email me on sales@tightspottanks.com.au and I will forward you a competative price.


  10. Hi there,
    I would be interested in pricing on different types of slimline tanks (capacity 5000L + only).
    Please include delivery costs.


  11. Hi, could you please e-mail me pricing on your 5000L slimline tanks? I would also be interested in pricing for tank and pup packages, if you do them. I’m located in Torquay VIC so advice on cost of delivery would also be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Chris
      I have emailed you pricing on both our Nylex Citysaver 5000 litre poly tank, together with the Enviro Water Tanks 5000 litre poly slimline tank. Both tanks are made in Australia and are of a very high quality. We can also deliver both tanks at a competitive price to Melbourne metro.
      I have emailed you pricing on both our “Garden Pump package” together with the “Tank to House” package if the tank is to be connected to toilets and washing machine.
      We use quality Italian made Claytech pumps, which come with a 2 year on site warranty. These pumps are matched with Rainharvest filters, and the Australian designed “AquaSaver” hydraulically operating mains backup system.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


  12. i’m interested in the best price for 2 slimline 5000l tanks, for Cootamundra NSW. thanks

    • Dear Sue
      Unfortunately we cannot supply our tanks to Cootamundra, although we can get them to a warehouse in ACT where you could then pick it up from.


  13. hI, how much for 2 x 5000l slimline tanks delivered to auchenflower qld. Are they delivered on a crane truck. How much do they weigh?

    • Dear Peter
      I will email you some pricing on several different 5000L slimline tanks.
      On average they weigh approximately 125kg per tank and they are normally delivered by either a large trailer or a table top truck.

  14. Hi
    Could you give me your best price on a slate grey 5000l slimeline water tank delivered to the Penrith region.


    • Hi Len

      Thanks for your enquiry regarding the Enviro 5000L slimline rainwater tank.
      I have emailed you our best price for delivery to Penrith.
      I trust i will hear from you soon.

      Troy Johnson

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