The First Filter System Designed Specifically For Use With Rainwater Tanks

rainwater filterThe triple action water filter is….

  1. Easy To Install
  2. Has a heavy duty filter housing with U.V Resistant Components and Rust Proof Fittings.
  3. Removes small particles, odour and discoloured water from your stored rainwater.

While other filters such as Rain Heads, First Flush Diverters and Gutter Mesh systems are critical in keeping out debris, such as leaves etc, a Cartridge type filter should be fitted after the pump to ensure a high water quality.

This is especially important when your tank water is to feed fixtures in the house such as the toilets, washing machines.

The “Triple Action Filter” has three very important features:

  1. It removes fine sediment from the water that the First Flush filter does not remove.
  2. It removes the red/brown colour from the water. Rain Water can sometimes have this red/brown colour too it, which when not filtered can leave stains in your toilet bowl and is not ideal to use in the washing machine. Once filtered through the “ Triple Action Filter” the water will be generally cleaner than Mains Water.
  3. It removes any odour that the rain water may have. Again this comes from vegetation, ie – leaves & debri, that may be on the roof prior to rainfall. This debri not only stains the water but can give it an odour. Again, the “ Triple Action Filter “ will remove the odour leaving the water cleaner and more odour free that your mains water supply.

Product Code: RTA-10 / WFR201 (10” Cartridge & Housing)

Price: $145.00 call 1300 885 547 to get our Cheapest Online Price.

Maintenance and Replacing Of Cartridges

How often the cartridge requires replacing can depend on a number of variables, such as how often you keep the First Flush Filter clean, how much debri, such as leaves, dust etc pass through it.

Each property is different, but as a general rule the cartridge should be checked every six months, and changed once every twelve months. This will ensure a high water quality.

Please view the PDF below for details on how to change the Cartridge.

Tight Spot Tanks Australia Pty Ltd can organise an experienced plumber to do a Service Call on your tank system if required. Please see our “ Water Tank Service “ section on the website for further information.

Replacement Cartridge

Product Code: RTA-Cart / WFRW03 ( 10” Replacement Cartridge)

Price: $49.00 call 1300 885 547 to get our Cheapest Online Price.