Australian Government Water Tank Rebate Information

Some States No Longer Offer Water Tank Rebates Please Check With Your Local Council

Please find below information and links which relates to rebates which may be available in your area. Any links where you are asked to download information of forms will be in PDF format or a direct link to a Government website.

NEW SOUTH WALES – Rainwater tank rebates in NSW (Rebates No Longer Available)

In NSW, the state government did provide rebates up to $1500 for rainwater tanks over 2000 Litres. To be eligible for some rebates you may be required to have the tank connected to your toilet or laundry. Some local councils may offer additional rebates. If you are considering installing a rainwater tank, you should contact your local council or water authority.

Visit for more information or call 1300 361 967

Visit rebates and incentives on the save water website for more information.

Information on BASIX for residents in NSW

The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) stipulates that a new home in NSW must include an alternative water supply to mains water. A rainwater tank is one way to satisfy this requirement. BASIX also covers renovating old homes, ie properties that plan to install a swimming pool must use a tank to supply water to the pool. These standards vary according to region. Visit BASIX for more details.

Sydney Water:

Download Your Rainwater Tank Rebate Application (PDF)

Additional Information On Rainwater Tank Rebates (Sydney Water Website)

Info on Quick Inspection Fee’s: Residential Customers (Website)

Federal Government Rebate:

Download Your Federal Government Fact Sheet (PDF)

Information on The National Rainwater and Grey Water Initiative (Website Link)

NSW Climate Change Fund Rainwater Tank Rebate:

Download the NSW Climate Change Fund Rainwater Tank Rebate (PDF)

You can find more information here NSW Home Saver Rebates


In Victoria, rainwater tanks for garden use (minimum of 600L capacity) attract a rebate of $150 and up to $1000 if the tank is connected to the toilet and laundry.

In order to claim your rebate from the Victorian state government, you will require a Certificate of Compliance issued by a licensed plumber. Call 133 186 or visit for more information. Visit rebates and incentives on the savewater website for more information.

Download The Victorian Rainwater Tank Rebate

Victoria Government – Claiming A Rebate (Website)


Download The South Australian Rainwater Tank & Plumbing Rebate Application

Get more information from the Rainwater Tank And Plumbing Rebate Government Website.

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