Site Assessment / Quotation: The first step of the process in the purchase and installation of a rainwater storage tank system is to contact us to arrange a suitable time for a “Site Assessment”.

Please see the section on “Site Assessments” for further details on this process.

water tank installation process

Once a “Site Assessment” has been carried out at your property, a fully itemised quotation will be either emailed or posted to you for the different rainwater tank / grey water options which were discussed during the meeting.

What’s Included?

Included in the quotations will be information relating to any rebates that may be available through authorities such as Sydney Water, the NSW Government and the Federal Government. Please note that the figures we put forward to you are to be used as an estimate only of the rebates and that you are required to make your own inquiries with these agencies to confirm both the availability of the rebates and the amounts of the rainwater tank rebates.

Some of our Grey Water Systems may attract rebates as well, although again your own inquiries are needed to confirm this as rebate amounts and periods of validity change on a regular basis.

The itemised quotations you receive will be based on the options that were discussed during the “Site Assessment” appointment, and after receiving them you are strongly advised to contact our office to speak with the relevant sales person to discuss the quotation, and have it fully explained to you. Rainwater storage systems and rain water harvesting systems together with grey water systems can be quite involved and do, depending on the type of installation consist of quite a number of different components. Our goal is to ensure that you fully understand the design and functionality of the proposed systems we have sent a quotation for.

It’s at this time that further rainwater tank and water harvesting options may be discussed and revised system design and quotations can be made, and forwarded to you for further review.

We Offer A Huge Range Of Water Collection Units

The main benefit of our company is that we are distributors of a wide range of rainwater tank systems from poly rain water tanks, custom made steel slimline tanks, under deck rainwater tanks, modular storage systems and rainwater harvesting products, we can offer you many options for your proposed installation. We aim to provide you with the most effective and inexpensive system that will meet your needs.

Your Decision: When making your decision you should take into account some of the following points;

  • When comparing quotations be sure to compare “apples with apples”. As our quotations for the different options are fully itemised, outlining the cost’s of each component and the cost to install it, you need to ensure that our competitors quotation are supplying the same or equivelant quality components, filters and pumps as we are. Many of our competitors will not forward you itemised quotations like ourselves and you should insist on a full breakdown, so a fair comparison can be made.
  • As licensed plumbers we are required to give our customers a warranty of up to 7 years for our workmanship. Ensure other installer’s are using licensed plumbers. This becomes most important when applying for rebates from Sydney Water and The Federal Government as all installations need to be installed by licensed plumbers to be eligable for the rebates.
  • Some installer’s do not install the required filters when connecting to fixtures such as toilets and washing machines. All our installations that are connected to these fixtures, have two filters fitted. The first is a micron disc filter or an inline strainer, which is usually fitted between the tank outlet and the pump. This filter takes out any small particles that the first flush and strainers have not captured. The filter helps protect the pump chamber, increasing the longevity of the pump. The second filter is a “Rainharvest Triple Action” cardtridge filter.

    This filter has three purposes. The first is to remove the odour from the water collected, the second is to remove the discolouration of the rain water, and the third is to remove and minute particles left in the rainwater from the water which is to be fed to the fixtures. This is most important as both the toilet and washing machine have been designed to be used with clean mains water, and have extremely small strainer filters installed in them which can be blocked up very quickly if small particles are allowed to enter them, blocking the filters and preventing water flow to the fixtures.

  • Our quotations are generally “Fixed Priced” which means the price includes everything which has been outlined within the accepted quotation and signed contract. If for instance we have problems connecting the old pipework to the tank system, and we have under quoted, we wear the cost, and cannot increase the install price. We can however charge for any additional work that you may request during the installation which has not been outlined in the original quotation or installation contract.

Deposit: Once you have made a decision on the option for your installation we will forward you an invoice for the agreed price together with an installation contract. At this time a 10% deposit together with a further 10% progress payment (total of 20% deposit) will be required. When your deposit has been received, a receipt will be forwarded to you and the tank and materials for the installation will be placed.

Lead times for tanks can range from one to five weeks from time of deposit. We will notify you of the expected lead time at the time of deposit.

Installation Date: Once we receive notification from the tank manufacturer on the expected delivery date of the tank we will notify you to book a date for the tank installation. If you are having a re-inforced concrete slab laid as your base for the tank this will also be booked. The slab is usually laid at least five days prior to the tank delivery, which allows for the slab to cure correctly.

Day of Installation: Our team will usually be on site from between 7 to 8am. Most installations, depending on size, are completed within 4 hours however larger installs may take as long as 2 days.

Please enter your details below so that we can arrange a time for your Site Assessment or you can call us directly on 1300 885 547

Please allow three working days for us to properly assess your situation and contact you.