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First flush filters are an essential filter system which should be installed on every Rain Water Tank System.

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The new SuperHead filter is not only a first flush filter but also incorporates a leaf screen as well.

The four functions of the SuperHead Filter are as follows:

  • Acts as a RainHead to channel water from your down pipe into the rainwater tank.
  • Has a Leaf Screen to prevent leaves and debri from entering both the first flush filter and then the rainwater tank.
  • First Flush Diverter which works automatically to collect the first few litres of dirty rainwater from your roof and prevent it from entering the tank.

What is a First Flush Filter?

A First Flush Filter is an integral part of any quality Rain Harvesting System.

SuperHead First Flush and Leaf Screen Parts
The function of the filter is to collect any debri such as leaves, dirt, animal droppings etc , and divert it away from the tank inlet before it enters your Rainwater Tank.

Obviously when collecting rain water it is very important to keep the water being stored as clean and safe as possible.

Sediment, debris and pollution which builds up in your tank can also lead to:

  • Damage to pumps, washing machines and other fixtures which have rainwater connected to them.
  • Blocked sprinklers and showers. Excessive wear and shortened life on tap washers and also inline filter cartridges.
  • Assists in the prevention of bacteria and algae growth in your Rainwater Tank.

The SuperHead can be installed anywhere before the inlet on the tank. It will automatically diver the first polluted water from the roof when it rains. Once the length of pipe on the first flush filter is full, it will then automatically divert the clean water to the tank inlet.

Ideally, one SuperHead First Flush Filter should be installed on every down pipe that is to feed the Rainwater Tank, however a single filter can be placed close to the tank itself, and flush water for several down-pipes. Factors such as the roof catchment area and how clean you require the water to be will be factors in how many units you install.

The amount of water you need to First Flush will depend on several things such as:

  • The size of your roof – The recommended MINIMUM first flush is 20L per 100m of roof catchment area
  • The amount of leaves and pollution on the roof (polluted areas need to be flushed more – approx 80- 100L per 100m of roof)
  • The intended use of the water (drinking water will need a bigger first flush)

How This First Flush Filter Works

  1. Polluted water from the roof gutter enters the SUPERHEAD. Then any debris is stopped by the leaf screen.
  2. Dust, Bacteria and small solids are diverted into the flush pipe which slowly files up so a set amount of water is discarded.
  3. When the flush pipe is full the roof should be clean and the clean water is diverted into the rain water tank.
  4. Any floating pollution is trapped by the brush filter on the outlet pipe. This also provides ongoing protection from small animals entering the water storage tank during dry periods.
  5. The flush pipe slowly drains so it is ready for next time.

The amount of water flushed is determined by the length of the PVC pipe attached to the Superhead. 90mm PVC stores 6.5 litres/metre.

If you need to flush more water you can install additional Superheads to your down pipes. You can also increase the volume of the first flush pipe by increasing the length and/ or diameter of the first flush pipe you use.

how the SuperHead First Flush and Leaf Screen works
The Superhead also has an adjustable drain on the flush pipe so you can maximise the amount of water you collect. During periods of frequent rain it isn’t necessary to flush the full amount every time.

The drain of the Superhead can be tightened to reduce the rate it drains and increase the amount of water diverted to the tank.

The Superhead combines 4 products into 1 device to provide maximum effectiveness and value for money.

Here Are The 4 Parts

1. Rain Head

A rain- head is an important part of rainwater collection. It provides a break in the dowpipes so that any leaves that enter the down pipes can be cleared quickly. If blockages occur then your down pipes and gutters will overflow which can often cause major damage to your property.

2. Leaf Screen

The first stage filter is the large leaf screen. Leaves and other debris are prevented from entering the tank by a 8mm screen. The specially designed mesh allows the leaves to fall off while minimising splashing.

3. Adjustable First- Flush Diverter System

The first rain is diverted to a standard 90mm downpipe (not included) so that dirt and other pollutants from the roof don’t enter the water tank. Once the First Flush System has filled the internal flap will close and divert clean water through the side outlet and into the tank.

A drain on the bottom of the First Flush System can be adjusted to alter the flush volume. In dry periods the drain can be loosened to INCREASE the flush volume.

During periods of frequent rain it is not necessary to completely flush the whole system each time so the drain can be tightened to DECREASE the fist flush volume and maximise the amount of water collected.

The Drainage Plug is also compatible with standard poly retic fittings so the flush water can be directed to the garden or other location. The drainage plug is simply replaced with a screw fitting and a standard valve, or drip fitting.

4. Insect Guard

The final filtration is a brush filter installed into the outlet pipe to the tank. Any floating debris is captured by this filter. This will also prevent insects and vermin from entering the system during dry periods.

Click here to get the Maintenance & Installation Instructions for the SuperHead First Flush System.

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