Our company has many options for harvesting water as well as a huge range of rain water storage systems, from Round & Slimline Tanks to Bladder Storage Systems which can be located under the house or deck areas. We are distributors for the vast majority of products available on the Australian Market. With this in mind, our “Site Assessment” is more than a quotation.

The Site Assessments are carried out by our recommended, independent plumbers. Currently the available areas in NSW are; Sydney Metro, Western Sydney and Central Coast.

We view your property and provide several options for rain harvesting and/or greywater diversion, and advise the systems best suited. We can also advise on garden irrigation systems and other water saving products.

What Is A Site Assessment?

During the Inspection we will be considering the following:

  • Your reason or end goal is for storage of rainwater or diversion of grey water.
  • With your goals in mind we view the property and list suitable systems.
  • If your goal is connection to the properties plumbing; ie toilets and washing machine, we provide options to you on suitable Rainwater Tanks. These may be a slimline color-bond or plastic tank, or bladder tanks under the deck of the house itself.
  • Once options are given for suitable tanks, we check if it is possible to retrofit to the existing fixtures through new plumbing. We advise what fixtures we can connect on, and fixtures we can not access.
  • Options are given for both automatic mains backup pump systems, and manual systems. The different pump options will be discussed and a full explanation of the benefits and differences of the options will be made clear.
  • In addition to the pump systems, the various filter options will be explained in full, as these are an integral part of your rain water storage system.
  • If you are considering installing a rainwater or grey water system in the garden, we discuss and explain the benefits and differences of both systems, again advising what systems would suit your property.
  • The garden is measured to outline the “wet area” or square metres of plant area to be irrigated. This allows us to estimate on how much stored rainwater or grey water needed to irrigate the garden effectively using either above surface or sub surface irrigation. When using grey water diversion systems only sub surface irrigation may be used.
  • When assessing the site for grey water diversion, we take into account the fittings we can access and their weekly output in litres. This allows us to estimate if the fixtures we can access will be sufficient to irrigate the garden at hand, and also to advise on the types of grey water systems that would be suitable to the property.

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