2000 litre thintank

TT2000 – ThinTanks 2000 Litre

Thintanks has developed a new range of Slim Rainwater Tanks specifically for installation in residential properties where space is limited. This is an excellent space-saving solution, with this slimline water tank you can install to a fence or house with minimal space impact.

4200 Litre Enviro Round Poly Tank

4200 Litre Round Poly Tank

The Enviro 4200 litre Round Rainwater Tank is has been designed to capture and store a large quantity of water harvested from your roof.

The small diameter and height been under 2200mm will make it suitable for most home applications. Unlike other 4000 litre poly rainwater tanks on the market the Enviro ES4200 gives you an extra 200 litres of storage.