The Claytech EBS45 water pump is a fully automatic system which starts as soon as the tap is opened, toilet is flushed, or washing machine requires water.

This multistage pump will also turn off when water is no longer needed. It also has loss of prime protection to prevent the pump from damage when the rainwater tank runs out of water.


The Claytech EBS45 water pump is a water cooled multistage pump. Because the Claytech EBS45 pump produces very little noise, below 54 decibels, they can be installed under the house or even near a bedroom window without being annoying to the occupants of that room or even your neighbours.

The Claytech EBS45 pump is equipped with a built-in constant flow switch giving you the pressure you need as soon as you turn on the water tap.

Claytech EBS45 High Quality Water Cooled Muti Stage PumpMultistage Pump Specifications

Power Absorption: 1000 (w)
Max Head: 40 (m)
Max Flow Rate: 850 (L/MIN)
Inlet Size: 1 (inch)
Outlet Size: 1 (inch)
Weight: 11.0 KG


  • Claytech EBS45 High Quality Water Cooled Multistage Pump

Delivery Areas

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Queensland

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty / Italian Made

Price: $XXX.00 On enquiry use discount code CBP-EBS45 and call 1300 885547 to get our Best Online Price.

garden pump packagesFor any additional information on our range of Claytech Water pumps please contact us.


  1. hi looking at pricing a delivered 5000 litre slimline polytank with suitable pump for single story 2 toilet , laundry + garden tap , living sanctuary point 2540 if you delivery this area ?

    • Dear John
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      We may actually be able to deliver to Sanctuary Point within the next 2-3 weeks as we have two orders which we need to deliver to Pambula and we may be able to go past your location.
      Delivery would be $170 incl gst.
      Please call me for the best discounted price on the tank and also to discuss further your pump requirements so as i can determine the best system to quote you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi Gary
      Thank you for your enquiry regarding Claytech pumps through our website.
      The model i believe you are enquiring about is the RainSub45 which came with an external controller. These are no longer available as they have been replaced by the Claytech Divertron submersible pump which comes with a built in auto controller. The old RainSub45H retailed for $637 incl gst and the new Divertron with the built in controller retails for $595.00 incl gst.
      If you want any further information please contact me.
      Troy Johnson

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