The Bluetron 101 is a very good performer, and is more suited for smaller homes, water transfer and sprinkler applications.

For homes in the medium category, the Bluetron 121 delivers great pressure with plenty of flow.

Step One – Choose Your Preferred Water Pump

1. Bluetron 101a Pump with Automatic Controller

Flow Rate: 50 Litres Per Minute
Maximum Head: 42 Metres
Power: 700 Watt

Price: $345.00

2. Bluetron 121a Garden Pump with Automatic Controller

Flow Rate: 60 Litres Per Minute
Maximum Head: 49 metres
Power: 1000 Watt

Price: $500.00

bluetron garden pumps pictureThe Bluetron range represents two powerful jet pumps which are capable of very good suction lifts while sustaining excellent pressure.

With the Automatic Controller the water pump will sense when a tap has been opened and will deliver pressure immediately.

One of the main benefits of these pumps is that they have the ability to deliver water at a constant pressure, eliminating annoying pressure fluctuations, especially when showering.

Multi-Stage Water Pumps

3. Inox 230a Multi-Stage Pump With Automatic Controller

Flow Rate: 100 Litres Per Minute
Maximum Head: 35 metres
Power: 800 watt

Price: $655.00

4. Inox 240a Multi-Stage Pump With Automatic Controller

Flow Rate: 100 Litres Per Minute
Maximum Head: 48 Metres
Power: 1000 watt

Price: $743.00

5. Inox 250a Multi-Stage Pump With Automatic Controller

Flow Rate: 100 litres per minute
Maximum Head: 48 metres
Power: 1250 watt

Price: $810.00

multi-stage water pumps pictureThese Multi Stage stainless steel pumps deliver constant pressure and will maintain excellent flow and pressure effortlessly for both large and medium size homes, all at minimal running costs.

The automatic controller will sense when a tap is opened, turning the pump on, and will shut down the system when the tap is closed.

The Claytech Inox pump series are equipped with a “run dry protection” safety system to prevent damage to the unit in the event of losing prime.

Step Two – Add Your Chosen Water Pump System To “Garden Package” Components

Model Components Price
Quality Pump Connection Kit High Grade Suction Hose/ Quality Inline Strainer / Fittings/ Quality Ball Valve – 1 inch, 25mm $95.00
“PolySlab” Pump Cover Quality Poly Pump Cover In A Wide Variety Of Colours / Comes With A Strong Poly Pump Base $95.00
“Rain Harvest” First Flush Filter High Quality First Flush Filter From
“Rain Harvest” Tank Level Gauge High Quality Tank Level Gauge, Dual Display With Float $27.95
* Prices Include GST


Not sure which water pump package is right for your home? Simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 885 547 or send us an email.


  1. Hi, like the look of the 2000ltr thintank. Do you have a water pump package price? Can this be delivered to Melbourne area? Thanks, John

  2. Hi there my name is Robert and I’m looking for a 4000lt slimline tank with a pump to do my garden beds toilets and washing machine

    • Hi Robert,

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Please refer to your inbox where I have sent you a reply.

      Kind Regards,

  3. Hi,
    I’m looking for a quote for a Tank + Pump + ThinPot package.

    I need:
    1) 2000L ThinTank (Slate)
    2) Mounting kit for free-standing installation
    3) ThinPots (Slate) – to cover 3 rows of the tank
    4) Pump package – with auto mains-to-tank switchover, suitable for 2x toilets (double storey) and 1x outdoor outlet – probably Claytech Inox 240a or as recommended

    Can you please put together a quotation, and advise the likely delivery time (from receipt of deposit).



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